Teen Eagles


Eagle Forum members and friends in Middle Tennessee will be happy to hear that we now have three Teen Eagle groups! If you have teenagers, please consider involving them. It is so important to prepare young people to understand the Christian worldview and know how to apply it to current issues. Teen Eagles is a program that will help accomplish that. It also provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills and skills in debating these issues with other like-minded students. Teens will be equipped with basic facts in order to be knowledgeable, independent thinkers, and ready for positions of leadership in their families, churches, and communities. In particular, they will learn how to defend their beliefs and values that may be under attack on college and university campuses.

The groups will meet monthly, will follow and research legislation, and will take trips to the state Capitol when the legislature is in session.  

If you have or know of teens between the ages of 13 and 18 who might be interested in this group,  Please contact Frances Arthur atfranmk@bellsouth.net, or 615.631.1618

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