Legislative Update March 11 2023

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Phone calls can go to the legislative Switchboard at 615-741-3011 or to the Toll Free number 1-800-449-8366+1 last four digits of office phone number (available online).


'THESE are the times that try men's souls.'' Thomas Paine


We have have had some cases of Covid at the legislature. Please be praying that this won't spread any further. And continue to remember all the lawmakers as they carry out the duties and responsibilities for which they were elected. 



NOTE: Missed having Andrew with me on Wednesday.  He was under the weather but is now doing better. 


Rep. Bud Hulsey

As you know, this is my 36th year at the Capitol. March 7th was definitely one of the most impressive, touching days I have spent there. When Rep. Husley presented HB726, the room got quiet as we heard someone who clearly loves this country, an expert on it's background, and shared that information with such expertise that it was breathtaking. PLEASE click on the YOUR HELP graphic below, follow those directions and let the lawmakers hear from you TODAY. This bill MUST be passed.  Then please send Rep. Hulsey a THANK YOU email at rep.bud.hulsey@capitol.tn.gov .

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SB 0983 by *Yager - HB 0778 by *Helton-Haynes
Abortion - As introduced, limits the offense of criminal abortion to only apply to elective abortions; defines elective abortion as any abortion that is not medically necessary to prevent the death of the pregnant woman or to prevent serious risk of substantial and irreversible
 impairment of a major bodily function of the pregnant woman
STATUS:  SB983 is in Judiciary Committee calendar on Monday
ACTION: Please contact these members urging them to oppose this bill.
Sen. Todd Gardenhire sen.todd.gardenhire@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Dawn White sen.dawn.white@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Paul Rose sen.paul.rose@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Jon  Lundberg sen.jon.lundberg@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Kerry Roberts sen.kerry.roberts@capitol.tn.gov 
Sen. John Stevens sen.john.stevens@capitol.tn.gov 
Sen. Brent Taylor sen.brent.taylor@capitol.tn.gov


The bill above and the bills below are all in the Population Health Subcommittee on Tuesday.

Health Care - As introduced, enacts the "Fundamental Right to Reproductive Health Care Act."

SB 1013 by *Campbell - HB 1506 by *Johnson G
Abortion - As introduced, changes from 10 days to three business days after an abortion the time within which the abortion must be reported to the office of vital records by the person in charge of the institution where the abortion was performed or by the attending physician

SB 1012 by *Campbell - HB 1404 by *Johnson G
Abortion - As introduced, reduces from seven calendar days to three business days the period within which a physician must notify the board of medical examiners after learning that the physician has been criminally charged with violating the statutory prohibition on the performance or attempted performance of an abortion upon a pregnant woman when the physician knows the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion because of the sex or race of the unborn child or because of a prenatal diagnosis, test, or screening indicating Down syndrome or the potential for Down syndrome in the unborn child.

ACTION:  Please contact these members and urge them to oppose each bill:
Rep. Michele Carringer  rep.michele.carringer@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Andrew Farmer  rep.andrew.farmer@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Esther Helton-Haynes  rep.esther.helton@capitol.tn.gov 
Rep. Sabi Kumar rep.sabi.kumar@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Iris Rudder rep.iris.rudder@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Bryan Terry rep.bryan.terry@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Ron Travis  rep.ron.travis@capitol.tn.gov



HJR 0005 by *Todd , Sparks, Warner, Zachary
Constitutional Conventions - Makes application to Congress for the purpose of calling an Article V convention to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to set a limit on the number of terms to which a person may be elected as a member of the Congress of the United States.
Please review these articles on this very important issue:
1. The Problems with ARTIFICIAL Term Limits
2. States Likely Could Not Control Constitutional Convention on Balanced Budget Amendment or Other Issues
3. Term Limits Don't Work 

STATUS: HJR0005 is scheduled in House State Government Committee on Wednesday
ACTION: Please contact these members and urge them to oppose this resolution. 
Rep. Rick Eldridge rep.rick.eldridge@capitol.tn.gov 
Rep. Rebecca Alexander rep.rebecca.alexander@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Ed Butler rep.ed.butler@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Chris Hurt  rep.chris.hurt@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Curtis Johnson rep.curtis.johnson@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Tom Leatherwood rep.tom.leatherwood@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Jake McCalmon rep.jake.mccalmon@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Iris Rudder rep.iris.rudder@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Bryan Terry rep.bryan.terry@capitol.tn.gov



SB 0138 by *Hensley , Walley, Swann - HB 0761 by *Eldridge , CEPICKY, HELTON-HAYNES
Consumer Protection - As introduced, enacts the "Youth Mental Health Safety Act."
This bill requires manufacturers of tablets and smart phones ("devices") activated in this state to manufacture their devices in a manner such that a filter that does the following is automatically enabled:

This bill requires manufacturers of tablets and smart phones ("devices") activated in this state to manufacture their devices in a manner such that a filter that does the following is automatically enabled:
(1) Prevents the user from accessing or downloading material that is harmful to minors on:
(A) Mobile data networks;
(B) Applications owned and controlled by the manufacturer;
(C) Wired internet networks; and
(D) Wireless internet networks;
(2) Notifies the user of the device when the filter blocks the device from downloading an application or accessing a website;
(3) Provides a user who has a passcode the opportunity to unblock a filtered application or website; and
(4) Reasonably precludes a user, other than a user who has a passcode, the opportunity to deactivate, modify, or uninstall the filter.
And other requirements
STATUS: SB138 is in Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Tuesday.
ACTION:  Please contact these legislators and urge them to support this bill.
Sen. Paul Bailey sen.paul.bailey@capitol.tn.gov  
Sen. Art Swann sen.art.swann@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Frank Niceley sen.frank.niceley@capitol.tn.gov,
Sen. Jack Johnson sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Shane Reeves sen.shane.reeves@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Steve Southerland sen.steve.southerland@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Bo Watson sen.bo.watson@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Ken Yager sen.ken.yager@capitol.tn.gov .



SB 1111 by *Bowling - HB 1380 by *Ragan , FRITTS
Public Health - As introduced, enacts the "Mature Minor Doctrine Clarification Act.
This bill prohibits a healthcare provider from providing a vaccination to a minor unless the healthcare provider first receives written informed consent from a parent or legal guardian of the minor. This bill requires the healthcare provider to document receipt of, and include in the minor's medical record proof of, such consent
STATUS: HB1380 has now been re-worked and will be in House Health Subcommittee on Tuesday:
ACTION: Please contact these legislators and urge them to SUPPORT this parental rights bill.
Rep. David Hawk rep.david.hawk@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Tim Hicks rep.tim.hicks@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Tom Leatherwood rep.tom.leatherwood@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Brock Martin  rep.brock.martin@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Paul Sherrell rep.paul.sherrell@capitol.tn.gov 
Rep. Bryan Terry rep.bryan.terry@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Ryan Williams rep.ryan.williams@capitol.tn.gov


House Committee decides to extend debate on home school charter schools 

In a perhaps surprising twist, the House Education Administration Committee decided not to vote on House Speaker Cameron Sexton’s charter school bill, one week after the legislation sailed through a House Subcommittee with no discussion.

The legislation has two parts. The first creates a hybrid charter school system for homeschooling parents who want the support of a traditional in-schooling system. The second allows existing public charter schools to a create tuition-free boarding schools for “at-risk” kids in grades 6-12.
New Home School Choice
Under the first part of the legislation, new home school charter schools would be created to provide three or four days of in-school, in-classroom instruction to students. The remaining days would be provided by homeschooling parents.

The Tennessee Public Charter School Commission would authorize and regulate the system and homeschoolers would have to abide by the standards adopted by the State Board of Education. Students would additionally be able to enroll in any district, but the hybrid institution could charge tuition for the out-of-districts students.




Committee rejects appointment of former health commissioner to ETSU Board of Trustees .


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